Our goal is to give our clients a realistic appreciation of what is required to retire and an awareness of how long their assets will last.

Three step process

  1. Book your 15 minute retirement planning meeting with Certified Financial Planner Greg Sykora
  2. We follow that up with a 45-minute review meeting. You send the data I request/need.
  3. When I’m done, we meet again for me to present your 1 page plan. You also get a copy, no strings attached.

The biggest hurdle for anyone looking for help is knowing who they can trust. The biggest hurdle for advisors in a new relationship is delivering value. A free plan removes both of those pressures from the equation.

Absolutely not! There are no strings attached. If you decide after receiving your plan you’d like to work with our team, that’s completely up to you.

You get to decide how you’d like to execute.

A 1 Page retirement plan is about creating a plan you want to see and discuss. It’s a focused document that only covers what’s important to you. Comprehensive Financial Plans are typically between 30 and 60 pages long. They’re loaded with projections and assumptions that quickly become outdated. In the end we found clients get low value from them.