Financial Planner & Partner

Greg Sykora, CFP®, CIWM, FCSI®, CIM®


I specialize in dealing with the complex needs of retiring business owners. I help them protect their family’s wealth with insurance, grow their profits tax efficiently, and be prepared for future life and business transitions.

Building wealth more efficiently- I help clients improve investment returns by replacing expensive products with more cost effective investment solutions.

Retirement Income for Retirees- I help clients in or entering retirement maximize the income they receive from their investment portfolios and government pensions after tax.

Designations achieved and professional courses passed

CFP ® – Certified Financial Planner – FP Canada

CIWM – Certified International Wealth Manager – CSI Institute

CIM ® – Chartered Investment Manager – CSI Institute

FCSI ® – Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (one of 3500 in Canada) – CSI Institute

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