Group Benefits Plans

Offering an employee benefit plan is an important step to take in attracting and retaining quality people, staying competitive, and improving employee and company performance.

Providing group benefits:

  • Protects the well-being of your employees and their families by helping them manage their health and wellness. It also safeguards against financial problems resulting from large medical and dental expenses.
  • Is a tax-effective way to compensate your employees. Without insurance benefits, an employee pays for their medical expenses with after-tax dollars. With a plan, they pay much less out-of-pocket (maybe nothing at all) and if they contribute towards the premium, it is with pre-tax deductions from their paycheque.
  • Is an excellent way to give extra compensation to employees as opposed to a fully taxed raise.
  • Builds and maintains morale and loyalty.
  • Results in a tax deduction to the employer for premiums they’ve paid.

Group benefits

Extended Health Care

Drugs, hospital, paramedical practitioners, visioncare, medical supplies, out-of-country emergency travel, etc..)

Dental Insurance

Basic, major and restorative & orthodontic coverage

Dental Insurance

Basic, major and restorative & orthodontic coverage

Group Retirement Plans

Pension, RRSPs (registered retirement plans and DPSPs (deferred profit sharing plans)

Health Care Spending Accounts

Self-funded health and dental plans

If you are considering offering a group benefit plan to your employees, contact us today.

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