Financial Planner & Partner

Greg Sykora, CFP®, CIWM, FCSI®, CIM®


I specialize in helping business owners and incorporated professionals – I help successful business owners and incorporated professionals protect their family’s wealth with insurance, grow their profits tax efficiently, and be prepared for future life and business transitions.

Building wealth more efficiently- I help clients improve investment returns by replacing expensive products with more cost effective investment solutions.

Retirement Income for Retirees- I help clients in or entering retirement maximize the income they receive from their investment portfolios and government pensions after tax.

Designations achieved and professional courses passed

CFP ® – Certified Financial Planner – FP Canada

CIWM – Certified International Wealth Manager – CSI Institute

CIM ® – Chartered Investment Manager – CSI Institute

FCSI ® – Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (one of 3500 in Canada) – CSI Institute

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