What We Do

We take a comprehensive approach to your financial life. Our goal is to act as your Chief Financial Advisor, and to assist you with simplifying complex financial decisions.

We serve the financial needs of over 400 clients and 80 business owners in the Niagara – Hamilton – Halton region.

We believe in transparent fees. We place just as much emphasis on risk as we do on return. We believe in the power of hitting singles and doubles, typically aiming for returns in the 2-3% range if you’re conservative, up to 6-7% if you’re aggressive over a full market cycle.

To build portfolios we believe in the use of Low fee index ETFs, Mutual Funds, Segregated Funds and Alternative Product for portfolio construction depending on your investor profile and specific situation.

Our service commitment is one that sees us work with our clients on an ongoing basis, with regularly scheduled reviews and plan updates.

We work with your accountant, lawyer and professional network to ensure you’re presented with the ability to make the most optimal financial decisions possible.

Group Benefits

Providing an attractive employee benefit plan is key to hiring and keeping quality people. Whether your company has only a few staff members or you are a large complex organization, providing health benefits can be a...

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Retirement Planning

We believe a good retirement plan begins early. The core tenant of retirement planning is to ensure your money outlasts you, and not the other way around...

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Investment Management

Our investment philosophy is that managing market risk is the most important thing we do for our clients when we invest their capital. We are long term investors and interested in helping our clients build and preserve their wealth....

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is one of the most valuable aspects of what we do. There is no point in successfully growing your capital only to subsequently lose most of it to...

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Insurance Planning

Our most valuable commodity, both for ourselves and our families, is our ability to generate an income. Our insurance philosophy is that all families should have some. The protection from financial loss that insurance provides transitions...

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