Our Process

This is the typical onboarding process we follow with new clients. New clients should expect an approximate time commitment of 2 hours spread over 2-3 meetings before becoming a client. There are no costs or fees for these meetings. We will go at your pace.



This meeting is typically 30 minutes and is where we figure out if working together makes sense.

The goal of this meeting is to get to know you, your situation, and what you’re looking for from us.

We will share how we work with our clients so you can leave this meeting knowing if we’re the right fit.

At the end of this meeting, we may ask you to share copies of your various financial statements so we can prepare for Step 2.



This meeting is typically 30-45 minutes. In this meeting we will review your existing investments, discuss insurance, and/or go over your group benefits needs.

Our conversation might involve collecting your personal data as well as some high-level financial planning to start achieving your goals.

Our team will begin the paperwork process assuming you’re comfortable moving forward.



This is when the magic starts because you’re now officially our client. Our 3rd meeting typically takes 30-60 minutes where we implement what we discussed in Step 2.

This could mean the execution of an investment plan, getting insurance policies in place, or delivering an optimized employee benefits package to your team (or some combination of the 3)

We will present you with your action items and recommendations to improve your financial situation immediately.



We’re now in your corner. We’ll forward schedule your next review meeting to make sure your goals are being achieved. You can now approach us for support and advice as needed.

You may need more formal financial planning.  If so, we are ready to work with your existing professional relationships – your accountant, lawyer, realtor to start the planning process

Next steps

1)  Schedule your Get to Know meeting

2)  We go over your situation to see if it makes sense to work together

3)  Take some time to think about it